Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just wanna tel Thanks :)

Hi All,

I have never penned down anything in my whole life, very crucially downtrodden by grammar and English language. : P But u guys have forced me to actually write something on my blog. : P They say blogging is all about creativity and I decided to show my "creativity" using photographs. However, here i am conveying my thoughts about this blog.

From the past 3 months i started blogging. I started clicking photos the day i bought my cam. Started blogging a week later. From the day i started blogging visitors kept on increasing. Here's a view :

 Last few words, My heartfelt Thanks to you all for visiting and making it large .... Keep visiting and Commenting... :)


Krish Kamath said...

Dude... i ve been visiting your blog since the day u created it and have seen great things happen... the photo quality, skill-wise, have dramatically improved... Your ideas have more clarity now... we expect great things from you... cheers... :)

Deepak Bhakta said...

Thank u Krish, U have been supportive from the day this blog started :)
Thank u :)

Ramnath said...

Good Work Bhaktha;
Keep it up :) :)

Deepak Bhakta said...

Thank u very much ram :)

Ramakanth Shenoy said...

You are welcome :P Man this Orange letters on Black Blinds me but then I can risk that to see such beautiful clicks :)

Deepak Bhakta said...

thanks mate.
Ya i know. But the BG theme couldn have suitable for other colors :(