Monday, March 14, 2011

Few more Steps in "SAND"

Hi All,

          Living in Coastal region of Karnataka. I made my way to Kaup beach this weekend. Kaup (Pronounced Kapu)  is a small village located about 20 Kms from Udupi on the National highway 17 towards Mangalore.
              The view from the top of the Light house is worth the climb. On one side the vast blue-green sea and on the other side the western ghats and greenery.
Here are the few pics for you guys.

Panoramic view from Light house
Courtesy- Adarsh and Vengatesh for this pic :)


Divya Shetty said...

Hey Deepak..really nice the pics are..specially the last one.

Deepak Bhakta said...

Thank u very much divya :)

Bharath said...

hey bhakta nice clicks dude..

Deepak Bhakta said...

Thanks a lot Bharath :)

swathi said...

Hey Bhaktha ..
Nice Pics :)

Deepak Bhakta said...

Thanks swati :)