Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Smart Gardening

Hi all,

         After a week once again roaming around the outskirts of Mangalore town with my nikky. I visit a horticulture fest in Kadri park. Here are a few Pics i found good.

P.S: Oh yes...For the record. I Christened my cam as Nikky

Monday, March 14, 2011

Few more Steps in "SAND"

Hi All,

          Living in Coastal region of Karnataka. I made my way to Kaup beach this weekend. Kaup (Pronounced Kapu)  is a small village located about 20 Kms from Udupi on the National highway 17 towards Mangalore.
              The view from the top of the Light house is worth the climb. On one side the vast blue-green sea and on the other side the western ghats and greenery.
Here are the few pics for you guys.

Panoramic view from Light house
Courtesy- Adarsh and Vengatesh for this pic :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just wanna tel Thanks :)

Hi All,

I have never penned down anything in my whole life, very crucially downtrodden by grammar and English language. : P But u guys have forced me to actually write something on my blog. : P They say blogging is all about creativity and I decided to show my "creativity" using photographs. However, here i am conveying my thoughts about this blog.

From the past 3 months i started blogging. I started clicking photos the day i bought my cam. Started blogging a week later. From the day i started blogging visitors kept on increasing. Here's a view :

 Last few words, My heartfelt Thanks to you all for visiting and making it large .... Keep visiting and Commenting... :)