Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brighten your life !

Hello  Friends,

A visit to our local temple with nikky came across a series of lamp which looked like this.

 A new try out with editing this picture and got a nice quote to add come spice to the picture.

Nikon D3000
ISO: 800
Exposure: 1/15 sec
Aperture: f/5.3
Focal Length: 46mm


Rajesh Kumar said...

Good Capture!

dokka srinivasu said...

Dear Deepak sir

You are taking excellent photos with superb capture.

Deepak Happy Diwali wishes to you and best wishes for your new photograph projects.

Deepak sir this is my Diwali message "Lamps of India" which i shared in my Heritage of India blog.

Deepak Bhakta said...

Thank you :)

dokka.. yeah i visited your blog... its very informative.
Thank you.